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UT Social Media Week 2020 – Thursday

Thursday, February 20

Brought to you by the School of Advertising and Public Relations

Session 1

“Esports & Marketing to the New Generation”

11:10 a.m.-12:25 p.m. (COM 402-Scripps Theater)

Speaker: Sookie Park

Marketing and advertising strategies have become more complex throughout the years – it’s so much more than just putting an ad in the paper or on TV. With the rise of the Internet, video games, and the esports industry, the brands have a much different approach to reaching the young generation of today that are consuming most of their information digitally. Learn more about how brands are interacting with the millennials and the Generation Z through esports – not only on social media, but through all digital platforms, and even offline.


Session 2

#9PMRoutine & Creating Community Engagement”

12:40-1:55 p.m. (COM 402-Scripps Theater)

Social media has become a standard practice for law enforcement agencies around the country.  However, different agencies approach social media with differing strategies.  The Pasco Sheriff’s Office utilizes social media, especially the viral #9PMRoutine, to connect and engage with their community.  This has lead to an increase in social media following, community awareness, and community engagement.  Learn more about the #9PMRoutine, creating a viral trend, and recreating social media to connect with a new audience in a digital age.

Speaker: Chase Daniels


Session 3

Building a Luxury Travel Brand on a Budget: How to Cultivate Community on Social Media in 2020

This session is co-sponsored by


5:15 p.m. food in Communication Building Lobby

5:25 p.m. Presentation (Patrick Auditorium – 321 Communication)

Social media is vital to successful travel marketing these days. Caitlin will explain how she leads the social media charge for an extremely popular company:

Speaker: Caitlin Riddell